Second open house of our appartment

The last two places was sold before show. And quite a bit over asked price. So it’s safe to say that two showings is killing me.

So, I take out my cleaning supply. Again. And I deep clean the apartment. Again.

A positive take away, is that I start to get used to a clutterfree and clean home. And to be honest, with three boys 4.5, 3 and 1.5 years old, I’m kind of used to a cluttered home I ALWAYS need to clean. Just because I never have the time to deep clean the whole house.

But, the kids will continue to get older and it will be easier and easier to administrate them all (I hope🤞🏻), and I trust the clutter and dust to stay with me through thick and thin, to death free me from the terror regime.

A bit dramatic there. Sorry for that.

Point being, I rather prioritise my kids the years they need me. And I obviously struggled after my second boy had colic. And let me be precise. Not the sweet little kind of three hours, three days a week. My second got the kind that lasted for about five hours, every day in about three months.

Back to my open house

I do believe I’ll do an effort to keep my home clutterfree and as clean I can with three boys, hubby and a dog + the other animals we are planning to have at the homestead. I’ll probably find it a lot easier to keep it like I want when I’m off sick leave and healthy as a horse.

Back to my open house – For real this time

I have medium expectations, but hope for the best. If the appartment don’t t sell today, it won’t be because I’m a sloppy cleaner. I might not like cleaning much. But I’m great at it! 😎