Oiling the floor at the homestead

It should be an easy task grinding and hard wax oil the hardwood floor. Or let me say it another way: When they say you can do it. It should be somewhat doable. And when I search for how to do it .. the information should be about how, in my case, spruce is oiled. But no one thought of that. And that amazes me.

So to be very clear!

Find out what kind of hardwood you got. If there is a differention of where it has been grown. I’m thinking of maybe the climate is a factor to consider when the search for how hard the hardwood really is.

I didn’t do that. AndI did not understand that before I applied the last finish on the third and last floor. I will not ellaborate how what I thought of that. Lets just say that I’ve been happier.

So! First i grinded the floor with the big machine. The one used for the lengths. be sure not to sneeze! You migth end up i regrets. First I grinded with 80 and then finished with 120. It was way to coarse. 240 should be the sandpaper for the finish. But as I was at the homestead and there is an hour to the nearest place to get a new sandpaper and the parenting had been outsourced just this weekend, I felt I had to finish or it would take ages until next time I had a slot like this.

After that I used the handheld grinding machine for the part near the skirting. And what baffled me, was that everyone preached the importance of going lengthwise. But this machine ground in circular movement .. Anyways. It was super har and all my muscles hurt for like a week after, but I did ok. It could have been better if I had started with this. Nest time!

Time for cleaning up the dust

And I promise you. Its a lot of dust! Espesially since I did not quite understand how the vacuum bag was supposed to be attached. And therefor I had a nice experiance on how it felt like to be a sprouce.

Time for hard wax oil

It’s great how everything can be rented! And this time I rented a machine who did the oiling for me. So I did not have to sit on my knees and hurt my back oiling the 130m2 (This is what Google said =

(130 square) meter =55 446.1942 feet (55 446 feet 22164 inches)

I don’t have any idea if it’s rigth or not).

But I celebrated too early. The oil just got really ugly when applied as it said on the box. I was quite persistent in the belief that it was I and not the instructions I had been given who was the problem. But I was wrong. It was the instructions.

The results was ok. And it was a little sad that I after so many days of hard work just felt that the result was ok. The hallway was great though. I will probably do another layer of oil before we move in.

And by the way. All these tips that didn’t work, I found on other blogs and experts in the store I rented the different equipment. Lesson learned. I’ll trust myself a bit more next time.