Folding clothes KonMari style

As the most ungrateful daughter in law in this side of the universe (for real!), I hate it when my mother in law folds our clothes when she’s visiting.

And based on the amount of folded clothes .. it’s quite a few times.

I know she means well. But she never get the size right or she organize the clothes in piles that reflect her opiniom of what style each of my boys use. Or she just give the best clothes to her favourite (yeeeees, she has a favourite. Don’t get me started ..). Even though I know she is trying to be kind and help her out

Picture of MIL folded clothes

I still wonder how folding clothes is a science and how the KonMari method is absolutely fantastic!

In the past, I have several attempts of KonMari my whole house, but then hubby gets involved in the folding business or any other business for that matter and I behave partly mad (both angry and mental imbalance) and partly exhausted. I believe there is a woman or two out there who knows exactly what I mean. Happy energy vibes to all of you <3

But, since I was busy being pregnant or breastfeeding for a good five year period. I try to not be too ungrateful about the fact that he did take the motherload of laundry.

Back to KonMari. I will give this a shot again. Because I remember the fantastic feeling of being able to see all the folded clothes when opening the drawer.

So. This is what I have to tackle.

Pic of all my unfolded clothes

After a while, I really got the hang of it. Folding clothes is actually kind of meditative. Who woulda known?

And the extremely satisfying feeling when it’s all folded. Better than popcorn!

Finished pic

Do you fold the KonMari way? Or does any other of her tricks? I would love to hear it! 😀

Different pictures